Storytelling with Data

My Review

Posted by Shemika Lamare on August 9, 2017

Storytelling with Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

I had already heard and seen great reviews (from online sources) about Storytelling with Data, but it wasn't until a friend recommended it that I finally decided to buy it. This book is all about how to communicate your data findings via presentation (in various formats). I read this book in May and this was well before I had learned the nitty gritty skills necessary to use data and come up with findings; I decided to read this well before I needed to present because I think that by placing the seed of understanding what the final product can look like is helpful, rather than waiting until its time to present and scrabbling to learn the best way to present the material. Of course I will need to review the concepts, but that comes with any new skill you learn.

Likes: This book is easy to read, I loved that it is clear and concise! She provides examples that walk you through the process you should use when evaluating your presentation, it gives specific reasons for the adjustments and other options to consider.

Dislike: Nothing! I plan on re-reading this book every few months to ensure I am using all the tools she suggest. I know that one book can't sum up ALL the ideas and needs when presenting data, but I think this book does a great job at trying.

Next Steps: After reading this book I want to do my best to implement it into every project that I do going forward. I think it would be helpful for me to do a few slides that sum up my project and apply the skills I have learned. I believe this will allow me to remember the tips until it becomes second-nature.