Hack For Humanity

Get Her Home

Posted by Shemika Lamare on July 10, 2017

This weekend I participated in Hackathon for Humanity which was hosted by Hackbright and Girls in Tech. The Hackathon focus was on women's issues and it was geared towards beginners. I didn't have a team, as usual, so a group of ladies and I formed a team. 

Get Her Home: We decided on the idea to relieve the financial burden off women leaving domestic violence situations by providing them with a free ride to a shelter near them that has an open space. It would be a non-profit that had three components: the free ride to a shelter for women, an online database for  the partnering organization so that they could  track their openings, and donors would be able to get updates about where their money was used and what it went towards. 

Presenation Slides:

We won 3rd place! So proud of my #hackathonsquad!