My Journey So Far

...becoming a Data Scientist

Posted by Shemika Lamare on May 11, 2017

I initially become interested in programming about two years ago.

Software Engineering
I thought that I wanted to learn programing to become a software engineer. Google search's lead me to Hackbright which is a bootcamp for women to become software engineers.  For awhile, I considered doing a bootcamp and had decided to focus on learning the basics so that I could be a competitive applicant. I found Meetup's and decided to move forward with Girl Develop It. I completed their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 1 & 2 courses; I found the courses helpful and it was a welcoming environment for beginners. After learning all of this I felt like I needed to come up with a project to understand the concepts I learned, this is where I hit a road block! I couldn't figure out how all of it tied together to create a website or web app. During this struggle, I read tons of articles and started to realize that what I really wanted to work on was data so I changed my plans. 

Data....Analyst, Scientist or Engineer
Once I knew that I wanted to work with data I wanted to understand the three main data careers so I could figure out which would be the best fit then I could adjust my study goals accordingly. It's important to understand the differences between Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. Check out these articles below to help differentiate the fields:
Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist vs. Data Engineer 
What's the difference between a data analyst, scientist and engineer? 
Then I began reading job descriptions and articles about the field to better understand what I needed to learn.  I also recommend reading this article to help you better understand the job variations within the Data Science field: The Seven People you Need on your Big Data Team

Where to begin?
I think its easy to become overwhelmed by this field, especially if you are not already a statistician or programmer. I recommend you work on one skill at a time and become intermediate at it before moving on to the rest of the information you need to learn. I plan on writting a blog on the resources I have found most helpful.

My Next Steps
Next I hope to come up with a project to showcase my Python skills.  I have some project ideas, but I need to solidify some of my basic skills so that I can get started on it.