Data Challenge

NYC Foster Care

Posted by Shemika Lamare on March 7, 2017

I started my first data challenge which takes place the this month (March).

The NYC Foster Care Data Challenge is open to all levels so I decided to join. It requires a minimum of 2 team members, luckily I emailed the coordinator and she connected me with someone who was also in need of a partner.

The sponsors are Paxata  and Authorea. Paxata is a software that allows you to prepare your data without code! I'm still learning what that all means, but it seems that it allows you to upload different forms of data and can clean up and organize your data so that you are ready to move on to the next steps. Authorea allows you to collaborate when reading, writing or publishing research. We will be using both platforms in the competition.

The Challenge:


The challenge includes analyzing data and writing a 500-1000 essay on our approach, methods and results.

Next Steps:

​​ To begin I spent a few hours playing with Paxata to figure out how it works. I read a tutorial and watched youtube videos published by Paxata, which were extremely helpful and clear on how to use the software. Now that I have a general idea of how to prep the data, I need to start figuring out the next steps. If you can't tell I have no idea what the next steps I will be asking my bestie for help; let the google-ing begin!

I will continue writing blog post to about my progress throughout this month as I complete the data challenge.