Building My Website

Slow and Steady

Posted by Shemika Lamare on October 7, 2017

Earlier this year I decided I should create a website to showcase my work and progress on my data science journey. I spent time thinking about the content and the fact that I don't use social media very much so I decided that I should write blogs so that my site had something that was continuously being updated and also allowed people to know a bit more about me.

I originally started out thinking I would just use Wix and have a standard template website, but then I thought this is the perfect time to practice my web development skills and build my own website and blog!

I had went to a girls in tech workshop that was on how to create a blog with django, so I had already started some of the process. This was helpful for learning the general process.

In the end, I used my skills from my first hackathon and decided to use bootstrap to make the website and blog. The main problems I ran into were git and github, I kept messing up saving and version control which meant I couldn't even focus on building my site. I finally buckled down and forced myself to truly understand both Git and Github and now I am able to use it and not get stuck!

The site will go live, but I will continue to find things to improve and will probably aim to do a makeover on it every 4-6 months. Most of the pictures on my site are from Unsplash, which is a great site that has high quality photos for use.